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Tenth Sunrise

[Okay. Amaterasu is concerned on a number of levels now. Everyone is acting very strange! She faces Cambot, pulls out her paper and brush, and paints up a quick sketch:]

[She then shows the picture to Cambot as if he should be paying close attention. People should not be behaving like wolves! They should be behaving like people! Otherwise someone's gonna get hurt...or horribly embarrassed!]
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[Roxas has finally won his argument with the food synthesizer... sort of. It gave him a beef and vegetable and noodle dish with a nice broth. The meat's cooked a little more than he likes, but he has to admit it's tasty.

He's just starting on this, with chopsticks mind, when his Cambot approaches him. Cambot's lens is obviously cracked, which might be why he's approaching Roxas very cautiously. Apparently, he felt Roxas needed to see this.

Is that amusement? That's amusement. What does Ammy expect from a bunch of humans... and other supposedly civilized creatures... who were raised by wolves?
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[He doesn't talk much, if he doesn't have to. But it looks like he has to here.]

I get it. It's ridiculous.

[A pause. He's thought of something.]

It could be worse.

[And he's back to eating his noodles.]
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[Yes he's talking, but he's not all that keen on it. He's a little puzzled at her relief, but he supposes maybe there's just weird crap going on because of that device.

He'll be looking back on this incident and wondering if anyone's going to be able to look anyone else in the eye after the device is hit again. He may also be a bit disturbed that it tampered with his memory so easily. For the time being, he's still pretty sure he and the others were raised by wolves and that he's just taking the so-called civilized life better.

At least they're not fighting about anything?

[That's about the only way he can think of that it would be worse. That and maybe a lack of toilet training...]
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[Momma why did you draw an x on that wolf are you okay.]
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[That doesn't look anything like him! The Lombax quickly shakes his own head, trying to paw to the left side of the drawing. That's what he was, you silly-nilly momma.]
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[There's a piece of paper with black and red markings on it. Riku has never learned how two dimensional markings could be used to represent objects or even ideas. He cocks his head at it.]

[How did she make those markings? It could be fun to do that too! LET'S MANIPULATE OUR ENVIRONMENT!]
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[Riku still looks it over. He gives a little whimper, knowing he was missing something. He uses his imagination, though. The first picture looks like a small, bleeding wolf. Poor thing... There's blood in a circle around the other one. The other one looked more like him and many of the others here. He knew he had been different from the others in the pack...

No, wait! Was the not-wolf walking like Roxas did? Was that a picture of Roxas?! Why is there a circle of blood around him?]
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[Riku blinks. That's him? But what about the circle of blood? That doesn't make sense.]

[He flops on his back and imitates the picture... Sort of. At least he's in the right posture, even if he's laying down. ...WOW, his back hurts in a good way as the tenseness ebbs. He didn't realize his back hurt that bad!]

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[Pinkie headtilts. And then disappears. A few minutes later, she reappears with a crude drawing of a stick-pony done in pink crayon.]

You're right! This is TOTALLY fun!
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Ooooooh, I'm gonna draw a giraffe now! And an elephant!

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[Harvey just lifts his head, looks from the paper to her, and then lays back down and closes his eyes again. You interrupted his naptime for this?]
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[He begrudingly opens his eyes to look at her again, though he doesn't make any move to get up. Fine, Ammy, what?]
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[He just arches an eyebrow. The hell're you doin'? That's not how you walk.]

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