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28th Moon. With three wolves.

[Riku is trotting down the hall with something in his mouth. ...Something dead. It appears to be a bird, maybe waterfoul. He comes up to a door and drops it on the floor in front of it, sitting back on his haunches. He holds his head high, looking happy with himself and starts panting. Riku scratches at the door, but it's cracked open slightly. Sticking his nose in, he sniffs a little, but stops short of pushing it open. He waits.

It's Namine's door.

...And is he... Wagging his rear in lieu of a tail?]
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[Hearing the sound of someone at the door, Namine paws it open. Happy to see Riku, she nuzzles him before looking at what he brought.

Apparently it's food, which is kind of him but she's not hungry now. Too bad, but she still appreciates the thought. Maybe she can save it for later somehow.]
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[That's a very good hiding place. It would be difficult for the others to find, but easy for Namine. Once that's taken care of and he's back, she gives a questioning yip. Does he want to go somewhere?]
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[Namine nuzzles back. If that's what he'd like to do, then yes, they could stay here and do that easily.]
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[Namine returns the gesture, then turns to lead the way to the bed. Once there, she jumps up to lay on it. It's a lot more comfortable than the floor, come and try, Riku.]
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[Namine is fine with snuggling. She shifts a little to make room for him, then sighs happily once they're all settled. Maybe they can even get a little sleep...she's feeling drowsy.]
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[His yawns are catching, though Namine's isn't quite as wide. After getting a little more comfortable herself, she closes her eyes for a nap.]
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[Being curled up together like this is nice, yes. It's like they're puppies all laying together to keep warm again. Riku had always looked out for her, so having him so close is a comfort...

So close...and then suddenly he pulled away.

Namine sits up quickly when he pushes away, confused and blinking...Had she really thought they were wolf pups? It must have been that device again.

Time to go make sure he was okay. He'd fallen out of the bed, after all, and he'd seemed upset. She hurries after him, catching up to him in the hall.]

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[Namine notices the blush. So he's embarrassed, not really angry. Though...Had they really done something bad, laying together like that?]

But we were just sleeping...

[And thinking they were wolves, but maybe this wasn't the time to mention that.]
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And that's bad?

[Namine is really confused. It was just sleeping--nothing else. What was wrong with that?]
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[Well, Namine didn't usually ask for explanations about things she already knew. It's a little frustrating that he can't come out and say what's bothering him about this so much, but he looks genuinely upset, so she doesn't want to press the issue.]

Okay. I'll ask one of the others.
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(Yeah, I think we're good to finish with this post)

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It's okay. I'll probably be on the theatrical deck.

[After she's spoken to one of the others...and given that poor bird laying under her bed a decent burial, now that she thinks about it.]