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Seventh Howl

[Well. This is weird. Weird enough for Cambot to sit and record the whole thing.

Anyone looking for food can find Harvey lying on the floor of the kitchen, happily ripping at a large hunk of meat he's dug out of somewhere or other. It appears to be raw, or at least dreadfully undercooked, and he's getting juices all over his nice suit, but he doesn't seem to notice that very much. His hat's missing entirely, probably abandoned somewhere between here and his room.

He twitches and jerks his head up suddenly, and Cambot swings around to note the small black rabbit climbing over the man's legs. Harvey turns and looks at Frank for a few seconds, leaning back to sniff at the smaller creature. After a few seconds, he huffs, gives the rabbit's head a cursory lick, and turns back to his meal. Huh...maybe he's just not in the mood for live prey today?]
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[Riku struts up, straightening his posture as much as physically possible for someone on hands and feet and holding his head high.

Wait, what's that animal?

He begins sniffing the rabbit over, though in his examination of the rabbit on the man's legs, Riku detours to sniff Harvey's rear. And did Cambot record this? Yes, yes it did.]
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[Riku's not interested in the meat, but he's curious about what's going on. He gives the meat a look, but does little past that. He sniffs Harvey's face as well before sniffing near the meat and looking for any smears on the floor. Where'd the meat come from? It'd be good to know for later.

But that rabbit is pretty interesting. He goes back to look at it and gently paw at it.]
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[Riku would likely follow the scent to it later.

He cocks his head a little at it and moves to flops down next to it, rolling belly-up to examine the rabbit on its level.]