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42 Love Chains

[Well. That just...well. Here's Minako. Its been awhile, right?]

Sorry for the disappearance, guys! Apparently universe-hopping destroyed my room, so I just spent these last few days cleaning it up. But two nights ago, as I was going to bed, it got me to thinking that maybe some people were still bummed out by what happened. I might sound crazy, but I can understand the whole "turning evil against your will" thing. How that can mess people up. you could wake up with yourself after turning against your friends.

[Is that a hint of sadness? It just might be. Some people might have an idea why.

Aaaand just as soon as its there it's gone again.]

...Which caused me to have this super-weird dream about our adventures with universe-hopping! That and...lack of sleep since I hadn't slept since we ended up in the evil universe. I...won't go into details about the dream, because it was really messed up, but I promise this is going somewhere so don't leave Cambot.

[Aw, man-]

It gave me the perfect idea to help people cheer back up! In fact, maaaaybe you guys should check your rooms to see if someone brought you guys anything while you weren't there~!

[And what an idea it was. People might find a cute plushie one of these in random places in their room. On top of a shelf, under a pillow, hiding behind your door...under your bed...the sky is the limit!]

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What the hell is this supposed to be?

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[Vanitas takes a moment to look at the strange plushie.]

Yeah, real intimidating.
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You must've had one crazy dream.

[personal profile] vainvoid 2013-03-15 12:12 am (UTC)(link)
Really? Tell me more.

[personal profile] vainvoid 2013-03-16 01:01 am (UTC)(link)

You watch too many horror movies.

[personal profile] vainvoid 2013-03-16 04:02 am (UTC)(link)
So you'd willingly give yourself nightmares?

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What not scary enough for you?
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... Seriously?
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[Roxas looks at the plushie. Being a plushie, it's kind of hard for it to not be cute. On the other hand, it's clearly supposed to be some sort of monster. Kind of a creepy one, too.]

... What is it?
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Eats time? Is this a real monster from somewhere or is it from a story?

[Because really, he's been to worlds with things people once believed were only fictional, though he didn't know that about those things until he'd returned to Sora.

And then the bizarre little thing is on Minako's head. What is with this girl?

... Uh... okay...
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[Harvey's watching a rather bristly-looking Frank kicking and boxing at a plushie someone stuck in his cage. From the look on his face, he's been doing this for a while.]

Oh, so this is your fault. Figures.
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I ain't sure if he's playin' or tryin' to kill the thing. [This is actually kind of hilarious.]
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Either way, probably good for 'im.
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[Link is just sort of... inspecting the plushie. He's not sure what to make of it.]

... I suppose it has its charms
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[Riku already looks a mess. He's listening as he's working on something, but pauses as she talks about turning evil. And theeeeen she mentions turning against friends, and he looks sick. He just continues working a little harder, probably unaware that Cambot's accidentally recording him.]
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[Later, by an hour or two, he appears, holding up the most bizarre plush animal he's ever seen. It was in his dresser. Riku himself, however, has his hands spattered in dry paint. At a few angles his chin sparkles slightly. Either he's using fine glitter and missed, or he's starting to need a shave.]

What is this?
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They eat time. [He looks down at it and then back up to her image transmission.]

...You sure you didn't just eat something weird before bed?
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Thanks, Minako!

[He stares at the plushie he's found for a bit, what with those jagged teeth.]
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[Sora definitely has no clue what to make of that. He’s just kind of baffled into silence for awhile.]

Oh. ...Kay?
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It looks like it's eating your head...

[Thank you, Captain Obvious.]
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Had to XD

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[Roxas just... stares for a moment. Then he snorts and it isn't long before he's laughing. He's not sure if the funnier thing is the obviousness of the statement or the thing being stated, but he's amused.]
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[Now Sora is just absolutely baffled. He feels like there's a joke he should be getting, but he's not getting it.]

That must've been the weirdest dream.
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[Selphie's holding one of said plushies and is waving it excitedly.]

Heeeeeeeeey! Is this from you?!
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I like it! Think I'll keep it on my bed!