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2nd Void

[Well, the whole mirror universe fiasco is over. Everyone's back to normal... as well as this guy. Vanitas had been laying low the entire time, and is now starting to get bored. And becasue of this bordeom, he decides to adress the audience.]

Well, now that all that mirror universe crap is over, here's two questions for you all. One: Has anyone ever, i dunno, tried getting off this crate, or are you all so content with being lab rats that you're willing to stay here? And question two: Since this place takes away your powers, how do you keep from smashing your head against a wall?
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Well let's see... There's are few little space pods on the launch deck, but they can't go very fast and can't go more that about 500 yards away, give or take a bit. We've been teleported here in the first place by a device that was apparently meant to make things easier on Mike by providing him some company, but it's malfunctioning and just keeps grabbing people from different worlds and different points in time. So, getting out of here might take a long time, assuming we even can. A few people have gotten sent home randomly and come back. Sometimes they remember having been here before, sometimes not. You're actually one of the cases of being here before and not remembering it.

As for our powers, it's possible the same device that's bringing us here is also taking our powers. Occasionally, something happens that either gives up back our powers temporarily or gives us different ones entirely.

... Or it turns us into animals or something.
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Briefly, yes.

[And got into a fight inside of five minutes, but Roxas is pretty sure that fact would just amuse him so he doesn't say it.]
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Well, you weren't here for very long. You also didn't really bother anyone you didn't already know.
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Well... you could check out the books and comics on the media deck. They're pretty much all bad except maybe the informative things like medical textbooks and cookbooks. The theatrical deck has all kinds of stage props and art supplies. There's gym equipment and a pool on the recreational deck.

...There is also a weapons deck, but since there's almost never any monsters around there's not much use for that stuff. Unless you're suicidal. The nature deck a good place for quiet. Just... don't annoy the panda. Or any other wildlife you happen to find there.

[No, he's actually not going to warn you about the Servo deck. Not that it needs much warning anymore with the Servos actually being helpful as long as you don't actively harm or offend any of them. Why Tom made so many copies of himself, Roxas isn't sure he wants to know.]
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[Oh, that's right, now they have to deal with this jerk.]

To question one. Yeah, and I got myself stranded in a subpod doing it and had to be towed back. And the time machine doesn't send you anywhere but places in the world, so no getting home there.

To question two. Are you having problems with smashing your head against a wall? [He raises a brow.]
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[Get used to it, Vanitas, Riku snarks. Its what he does.]

Just remember to use your helmet.
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[Vanitas uses foul language! It's not very effective...]

I did. I explained what happens if you try to take the subpods out too far.
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An answer's just a reaction. Not a solution. But if you want a solution, try this. It works for most of us.

Use your imagination.
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[Riku just stares at him a moment. He then counts off on his fingers.]

Simple answer. Simple solution. Truthful solution.

Imagination's saved our sanity more than once around here. Try it.