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26th Dawn

[Riku has a serious expression. He also has slicked-back hair to match his new outfit. He's dressed as a greaser, complete with jeans and leather jacket. ...Well, it suits him better.]

Namine. You and the other girls can't get downstairs. Meet me at the cafeteria deck elevator. We're going to try some things.

Cambot? You're recording this. If something works, and it's specific, then we need to know what. Even if it's something as dumb as crossing our fingers.
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[It definitely is an improvement, though the contrast in their outfits is going to be interesting.

She's a little taken by surprise at the sudden suggestion.]

Okay. I'll be there in a minute.

[Not much later, she arrives at the designated meeting place.]

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Oh, that? It's just for the week...

[But he's already stepping into the elevator. Looks like he's determined, so she'll work with that. She follows him in.]

Okay. Could we try the theatrical deck?
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[Namine is usually pretty good at accepting imposed limits, though this one was grating on her since it affected her ability to move around. Which is probably why she's not protesting too heavily.]

That'd be good.

[The elevator starts to move, and then suddenly she finds herself back outside it on the cafeteria deck. Fortunately, her Cambot had waited there.]

Looks like that didn't work.
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[Namine looks like she might actually frown, herself.

She takes his hand and starts down the stairs with him. All goes well for part of the way, then suddenly she's back at the top. Even having been prepared for this possibility, she sighs.]

I guess that's not enough.
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[If it were anybody else, Namine would be worried. Others being annoyed had never boded well for her. This is Riku, though, and she knows he's annoyed at the situation, not her. Truth be told, she's annoyed, too; just not making a show of it so she doesn't exacerbate the situation.

His suggestion is something of a surprise, but after a moment she nods.]

Okay. Are you sure?
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[Namine nods in understanding. It's very tricky, specific affect. Though, really, as annoying as it is to deal with the restrictions, working to find a way around them is kind of frustrating, too. It doesn't help that she knows everyone else can watch via Cambot.

She holds very still when he picks her up so as not to make his job more difficult. At least he doesn't seem to have too trouble lifting her.]


[Then it's her turn to realize how close their faces are. She returns the smile, but her cheeks would be red if colors were working this week.]
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[Namine is quiet so she won't interrupt his concentration. Falling would be bad for them both even on a regular floor. It would be even worse on a staircase. As they pass the recreation deck, she smiles slightly, then it broadens when they reach the theatrical deck.

Not being used to being carried, she has to be careful not to lose her balance as he sets her down. That taken care of, the smile is back on her face.]

I guess...Though I don't want to be a bother.
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[Namine blushes (not that it's noticeable now), though the smile stays on her face.]

I wonder if there's anything left.

[Time to rummage through the cabinets. Unfortunately, the only things to be found are those that could also be office supplies: Pencils, pens, scissors, some plain white paper, Sharpie markers, and the like.]

Well, it's something.