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2 Feathers

[Well look who it is! That newcomer who never seems to do anything but hide in his room. Well this time he's actually come out, dressed up in a blouse and poodle skirt. Yes, you read that right. He's had to modify it a little for his wings and tail, of course, and he even has a little speckled bow tied around one headwing, isn't that cute.]

Anybody want to tell me why I'm suddenly several colors fewer?
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[Wait...isn't this a guy, and he's wearing one of the skirts? Well, Sora's not going to ask right now.]

I don't know...maybe it's a thing having to do with this world's past?
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I dunno, but it seems like at least old movies and stuff where in black and white.

You like these clothes?
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These mostly feel really formal and starchy to me...

Uhhh...okay? [He still really doesn't get it.]
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[Sora still doesn’t seem entirely convinced.] ...Iiiif you want to!
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Well, it's not Discord! I still feel great!
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Discord! He's a draconequus from Equestria that showed up here once! He's the spirit of chaos, so he can do pretty much anything he wants, but he mostly likes either making cotton candy clouds or tormenting ponies until all their colors go away and they become twisted mockeries of their former selves!

[All delivered in the exact same chipper voice, until now.] It's not very much fun.
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[Staaaare. Well, that's a new one. It takes Harvey a few seconds of headtilting to actually say anything.]

Looks kinda like we're all in some kinda black-and-white movie. You have those, wherever you're from?
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Trust me... [wow, he has absolutely no idea what to call you] don't need to be based on real life for it to happen around here.
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[He shrugs; welcome to his life, buddy.]

There's scotch in the kitchen. Welcome to space.
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Have fun.

[At this point? He doesn't even care.]
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[Xion never did get the whole "only girls can wear skirts" rule. Social education, what social education (even if some of the others had tried to explain things).]

That's a pretty skirt.
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Mine fit okay, but you can sew enough to fix yours?

[That sounds useful.]
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[Exaggeration or no, color her impressed. Not literally at the moment, but...

Xion tilts her head, thinking for a moment.]

You wouldn't mind?
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Because this sort of thing happens here sometimes?
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Not... monochrome, no. But it's not the first time things like this have happened.
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Why would we be?
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I'm not sure how...
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{Riku just pauses at the attire, but hey, the SOL dressed him pretty bad, so he won't say a word. At least he got mens' clothes.]

For the same reason anything strange happens here.
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[If Riku knew that he'd question both his fashion sense and sanity. Riku's working on the problem.]

...Sounds exciting.