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Someone is starting to think he's losing it.

[Roxas is poking at pirate costumes on the theatrical deck. He looks at Cambot when he realizes he isn't alone and just shakes his head.]

Now we have a pirate theme. If Hook shows up, I'm done.

[He holds up a hat that looks to belong to a different Disney pirate captain, however. Sora (or anyone who has seen Pirate of the Caribbean) may or may not recognize Barbossa's hat. From Cambot's POV, we can see that Jack's hat is in the same box. Roxas looks between the two hats for the moment before unceremoniously chucking the Barbossa has back into the box and walking away muttering.]

Forrester needs a hobby.
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Maybe this is his hobby?
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I don't think I can really argue that.
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It's not a very good job, then.
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He probably wouldn't agree, though.
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Of course he does.
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I've noticed.
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Captain Hook? Wasn't he the one who was in Neverland?

[Xion had never gotten to go there herself. Nor does she see what's wrong with a pirate theme, though some of the costumes look like they're a bit too flashy for her taste.]
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[Xion remembers hearing that story and feeling bad that the ship got destroyed. Hook hadn't been nice, but it seemed kind of a waste to wreck a ship that was as nice as the one Roxas had described. Well, it hadn't been intentional, and the Heartless had needed to be taken care of.]

Maybe he used to not be so nervous, and now everybody's used to listening to him.
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[That definitely sounds like something that would make someone nervous.]

That makes sense that he's nervous, but why did Peter do that?
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[She makes a face.]

Peter doesn't sound very nice.

[Something like that happening in a fight, she could understand. Just for fun? No.]
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[Xion thinks for a moment.]

Right, he was.
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[Sora is pretty excited about this week, and it shows. PIRAAATES!]

Hey, come on! If Captain Hook showed up, we could totally take him!

...And that hat looks familiar.
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No, I don't want him to show up. But if the Satellite was annoying and decided to bring him here, at least we could take him. [And they'd make it fun, because PIRATES!]

Yeah. It kinda looks like Barbossa's fancy hat.
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Or something else even more unexpected!

I think they just like them really fancy. It's like...treasure they get to wear!
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That's definitely been the case so far.

Well...yeah. That's just part of being a pirate!
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Yeah, why not? Pirate stuff is exciting!
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I don't disagree with ya, there, but this isn't that bad, really. [Kotetsu already has a hat. And an eye patch. And a red parrot on his shoulder.]
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Aw, c'mon. Who wouldn't want to be a pirate?
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You mean boring people.
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Not necessarily. Just usually.

People calling themselves pirates, at least, yeah.
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...well, still bad guy stuff. But they didn't have a boat or anything.