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Someone hates his luck.

[Cambot finds Roxas in the kitchen, in all his black-and-white cartoony glory and having somehow managed to navigate the minefield of banana peels without slipping. He's fetching ice for some reason. Huh, now why would he be wrapping a little plastic baggy of ice in a towel?

When he turns to face Cambot, he's holding the makeshift ice pack to his face, his left eye in particular, and he does NOT look happy. He glares for just a moment before removing the ice pack and giving a good view of a marvelous shiner.

That looks painful...

He puts the ice pack back before speaking up.

Chibi. Sora. I found that ball you guys were talking about.

[He pulls a red ball out of his pocket, holds it up for Cambot to look at and then puts it away again. The last thing they need is for it to get set bouncing again.]
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[Yikes, color Sora least, you'd color him that if he wasn't black and white.]

Uhh...sorry about that...
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[Sora winces...that totally doesn't look good.]

We didn't mean to do anything stupid! We were just playing fetch.
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We tried it a couple of times and it was fine! ...It just got going too far with a little too much force.

[And again: he hasn't watched too many cartoons!]

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[Chibi whines and his ears droop. He didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. Sorry, Roxas.]
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[Chibi nods, still drooping. He'd tried to warn everyone so this wouldn't happen, but it had been too late. He'll have to do something for Roxas to make it up for him...maybe his mom or Pinkie Pie will have an idea.]
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[Chibi starts to perk up a bit. Whatever he does to make it up to Roxas will just have to be really good.]

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[Xion's look is mimicking Sora's and Roxas's this week. Seeing the black eye, she winces in sympathy.]

You okay with just the ice pack?
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[Magic, or a potion, though using either of those for a black eye seems kind of extravagant to Xion.]

Okay. If it starts to feel like it might be something worse, let me know?

[Eye injuries are no joke, and Xion has apparently declared herself the resident medic on the satellite.]
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[Considering the general lack of swelling, that doesn't seem to be the case. Especially since he's not complaining about a headache, double vision, or anything else that one would thing would come of being hit in the face/head with bone-breaking force. Xion's just being a bit of a worrier.]

I wonder if the fact that we're cartoon characters meant it didn't hurt you as much as it could have.

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Threadjack time!

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[Hey, look who's a regular, four-legged kitty cat again! Though Kit doesn't seem to be having any trouble standing on her hind legs whenever it suits her.]

Oh wow, that had to hurt. You gonna be okay?
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[You wanna call the rules of that universe down on everyone's heads next week?]

So, how'd you manage to get hit in the face with a rubber ball, anyway? Did you just not see it coming?

[She wants to believe there's a non-embarrassing reason for it, for the sake of Roxas' dignity. Otherwise, she just might start giggling.]
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[There may have been similar kid's entertainment on Thundera before it exploded, but nothing close on Third Earth.]

Really? That sounds neat! [A brief pause.] And also bad. But still!

[Oh, this is not going to end well at all, is it?]

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[Aeleus' face looks more or less the same, except for his mouth, which is just...wrong. Roxas' expression actually reminds him of his early lesson with Roxas regarding limit breaks, though Roxas probably wouldn't appreciate that thought.]

It's unfortunate that you would have to find that with your face. Are you well enough, or do you need assistance?

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I apologize for my appearance.

[Aeleus brings up a hand to cover his mouth.]

I know it's somewhat unsettling.

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I can only wait for next week and hope that this is not a lasting effect.

[A ball probably can't hit someone hard enough to make them capable of a limit break, admittedly. Aeleus supposes it's for the best.]