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22nd Dawn [Backdated to maybe 24 hours after his return, forgot]

[It’s Riku. He’s really not doing anything much. The boy is sitting in front of a window, having pulled a chair from somewhere and holding his Keyblade. He’s looking out to the curved horizon of a darkened Earth with a hint of a smile. Along the planet’s edge was a brightening glow. Riku doesn’t seem to notice Cambot, or else he’s ignoring it.

He looks so peaceful.

Cambot focuses back through the window, perhaps trying to figure out what Riku’s looking at. The view is at least very beautiful. The sliver of bright light along the Earth seems to cradle the tiny glows of cities shining in the darkness. Beyond the crescent of light was a gentle dusting of stars.

And then the glow along the planet suddenly blinds Cambot with golden light. Unable to focus past the glare, it turns instead to Riku. His eyes are squeezed nearly shut, but as his eyes start to focus, it’s clear that the grimace from squinting is hiding a pure and satisfied smile. He sighs a little, gripping his Keyblade a little tighter.

Cambot turns back to Earth. It simply continues to watch with Riku as the sunrise sweep over the world, forgetting to turn off the recording for quite a while. Oh, Cambot...]
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[After noticing Riku on Cambot, Namine goes to pull up a chair beside him, trying to draw until the light gets to be too much. After that, she just sits quietly with him.]
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[Amaterasu notices Riku sitting there, just watching the sunrise. Well, to her, there are few things more pleasing and worthwhile than that.]

[She comes in by him, and just sits down to watch with him.]
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[Ammy appreciated the ear scratches, and the company. It was sad that she couldn't control the sun whenever she wanted now, but she could still appreciate it here.]