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20th Dawn

[Cambot's feed is a little static-y. When isn't Riku's, though? It's been following Riku quite a bit closer since he started falling asleep like this, resulting in a few more posts of Riku having to shoo it out of his room or the bathroom. It's lunch time, meaning Riku's heading to the cafeteria deck, walking the halls and going to the stairs and elevator. However, he gets to the elevator before Cambot, with its sometimes-questionable navigational ability, reaches the doors. They close, possibly with Riku not even knowing Cambot had decided to follow him again.]

[Cambot turns to glide down the stairs. At least Riku had stopped taking them since he fell down.]

[It beats the elevator down and watches for Riku to come out. The doors open... And nothing. Cambot flies in. No one's there...]
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[Not that Sora knows who Carmen Sandiego is, but this doesn't look good...]

Riku? Are you there?!
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It doesn't look like he is.
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[Sora looks like he's going to say something else, but stops himself.]

Then what if...he's gone home, too?
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That seems likely. I can't really think of any other explanation.
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I guess...

[Sora looks down for a bit, then tries to perk himself up with more determination.]

Well, even if he did go back home, I know he can handle himself fine! He's a Keyblade Master now, after all.
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Is he? Huh.

[While it's a surprising bit of news, Roxas figures it helps if it'll keep Sora from being too worried.]
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Yeah. Yen Sid said that he passed!

[He gets a little more thoughtful again.] But I still kinda hope he comes back here. Even if it means he'll get stuck like all of us, too.
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[Sora being thoughtful just seems wrong somehow. Or maybe it's just because Roxas isn't used to it.] Well, we did get put back right to when were taken from, right? So he wouldn't actually be missing anything at home if he ends up back here.
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Yeah, I think he'd go back to the same time I did. But what if he didn't show up back here until a much longer time in the future back home? Or what if he did before he found out he was a Master and everything? The time scale here seems weird.
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Well, there's not a whole lot we can do about that. And really? We've known time is weird here for how long?
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Yeah, at least until we find a way off of here for good.

I knew the Satellite brought people from different times, but I somehow didn't think it was on such a different time scale as other worlds.
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At least.

I don't think it is on a different time scale. I think it might just be that, in the same way that it can drag us in from different points in time, it can drag us back in from other points in time.
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Huuh. Yeah, that might make more sense.
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It's still weird, though. But, I guess that means that if Riku's coming back, we might see him soon enough, even if it's been a few months or so for him
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Yeah. If he does come back, I hope it wouldn't be too long.

And maybe Kairi would show up, too!
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I wouldn't be all that surprised if he's back in a day or two, but I guess it's possible that it could be a bit longer too.

...Now you're really tempting fate, Sora.
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I didn't get to see her that much at all when Riku and I were taking our test! It's not like I want her to get stuck here too, I just miss her is all. And Donald and Goofy, too.
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[Well, Roxas can't exactly argue with that. It's pretty natural to miss friends.]

I know but... you know there's no way they'll end up here unless whatever's bringing us here in the first place decides to bring them.
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Yeah, I know that.

That's just why we gotta find it and fix it for good!
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... If we fix it, that'll probably send everyone home.
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Yeah, I know.

...But when we get back home, I'll find a way to make sure you can still stay your own person, too!
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[That earns a genuinely amused chuckle. To be fair, there's also a hint of fondness. Sora just has that effect on everyone.]

You're awfully stubborn, you know that?
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Cambot not here hurr hurr

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[Welp, Minako's listening to/watching this whole convo with her Cambot. "Keyblade Master", huh?]
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And proud of it, apparently.

[Better to have him be stubborn and be a friend than to have him be stubborn and be an enemy, though.]
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Well, sometimes you need it! This is one of those times.
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Yeah, sometimes. Not all the time, though.