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19th Dawn

[Cambot shows Riku stumbling around the hall just outside the stairwell, holding his head. It looks almost like he just woke up from a hangover, except the armor on his right side is banged up... Hey, he's holding the right side of his head, too. Did he fall asleep going downstairs? With his helmet off? Riku's working about as well as his Cambot nowadays. It doesn't seem to hinder his determination, though. He's clearly looking for something as he moves down the hall. ...Or someone. He's muttering.]

NOW I remember a dream. This can't-- [He sees Cambot.]

Cam! Have you seen Sora? [It pans left and right. That's a "no." Riku leans against the wall, removing his hand. His cheekbone is badly bruised and it looks like he split the side of his lip.]

Everyone. I remembered a dream from last night. Sora was taken by the Organization. And now I can't find him on the SOL. Even better, I just had a dream where I found him asleep and he couldn't wake up.

Sora? You'd better reply to this if you're here. If anyone else's seen him, tell me.
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I haven't seen him since the battle with the doctor. Come to think of it, I haven't seen Roxas lately either.

[A pause. Dude, what happened to you?]

On a more immediate note, are you okay?
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Yes. [Frustration is understandable. Link thinks a moment.] It's possible they've been sent home.

If you're certain... [He doesn't look okay and he gets a look from Link that pretty much says so.]
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Well, we have no way to know for certain unless they return some time down the road. It's happened before. [Though the coincidence, if it is just coincidence, can't be ignored. But that's not exactly the most comforting thing to say...]

I'll take you word for it. [Things to worry about that he can't do anything about anyway, but saying that is likely to only be good for starting an argument, so Link keeps it to himself.]
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They're jut dreams, I wouldn't really put much stake in them.
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Last time I checked, people couldn't kidnap people via someone else's dreams.

[Now maybe if it was Sora who had the dream :|a]
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Well, good morning, sunshine!

[But then her face falls, more serious.]

Come to think of it I haven't seen Sora today.
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[She nods. Dammit it was like everybody was disappearing on her all of a sudden.]
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Sorry to keep co-posting with them, but they're worried. ^^;;;

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[Xion is on her way to find him with a Namine close behind, both carrying things good for patching up hurt Rikus.]

I haven't seen him lately, or Roxas.

[Definitely worried, here.]
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I just worry about turning them into a "goes everywhere together" pair.

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[First aid stuff was grabbed mostly out of habit. Not to mention Nami has figured out that using magic has its price, so for minor things she figures the old-fashioned way is best.]

I don't think it's coincidence either, but we won't know unless they come back.

[She can't comment on the dreams, so she just focuses on Sora and Roxas disappearing. Well, that patching Riku up. They've arrived by now, so resident healer is ready to see what the damage is.]
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That can get confusing when their reactions are pretty similar. :/

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[Xion's marginally aware, Paladins having some magic skills of their own.

Xion gives a Cambot a Look as a signal to halt recording quick if he knows what's good for him. That done, she starts helping Nami check injuries.]

Me neither.

[Still, she misses her Original, now that she's gotten to know him, and her best friend.

If it were just the cuts, she wouldn't worry much--those can be cleaned and left to heal on their own (or when worse injuries are healed with magic. The bruise and lump on his head are cause for concern, though; she knows head injuries are no joke.]

Were you asleep and fell, or did something knock you out?

[She suspects it was the former, but either instance is possible this week.]
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Yeah, so, coposting. Or I make sure to differentiate fairly well.

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[Namine raises her eyebrows at it. Really, Cambot.

She nods in assent to what he says, and begins cleaning the cuts. She leaves Xion to do a few simple checks for double vision or difficulty tracking an object with just his eyes. Those cleared, she sigs with relief when Xion prescribes ice packs for the injuries. Ice is easy to get in the cafeteria.]

Are you hurt anywhere else?

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[Xion gives Namine a glance that clearly means "thank you" when the Cambot leaves.

The fact that Riku is allowing all of this making their job easier, Xion doesn't really question or comment on it--just files it away for further thought. After all, they are worried, and while they can't do anything about Sora and Roxas's disappearance, they can do something about this, and the fact that's he's letting them is appreciated.]

You're welcome.

[Thank goodness for strong armor. She moves so she can get a closer look, though she knows the annoyance of dealing with armor.]

Just bruised?
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[Namine doesn't like the look of those bruises, but she's willing to accept Xion's opinion that they're nothing worse than that. Now that they've confirmed Riku's not as badly hurt as they feared, she's starting to relax even feel a little silly for having been so worried. Or maybe not, because Riku being RIku, there's a chance he would have claimed to be okay if he'd been hurt more badly than this.

Still, evaluation done and cuts attended to, there's one thing left to be done. She offers Riku a hand up.]

Let's go get some ice.
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[Xion went to help steady him as he stood. Neither of them were up to fully supporting his weight on their own, but together they could manage something.

She'd just been about to say that he certainly did need the ice, when he corrected himself.]

Come on, we can help if you fall asleep again on the way.

[They'll help with any monsters that show up, too, but she figures that's a given.]
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Poor Riku. He has to put up with so much. XD

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[Once he's standing, Namine shifts to give him room to move.

She notices that sigh and shake of his head and realizes that he is, in a way, humoring them. Which is odd, considering that he's the one who's hurt, but she decides to just be happy he's not complaining.]

You're welcome.
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Yeah, I think so. :)

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[Having never been without potions or magic, Xion and Namine are learning how to treat injuries without it, plus they're on edge due to Sora's disappearance. Not to mention it would be very bad for Riku to suddenly fall asleep with monsters.

Still, Riku seems to be okay for now. Xion hurries to keep up with him To the cafeteria it is!]
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A dream?...What's the Organization?

[Wait, is Minako being serious?]
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Nope! I've been busy grinding.

[At the description of the Organization, however, her eyes narrow. She almost looks a bit scary as she speaks - even sounding quite different, like an entirely different person.]

...Is that so? Well, this Organization XIII is in for a surprise if they think they can hurt people like that! You shouldn't hurt someone to gain a heart for yourself - a heart made from impure actions is cruel and will only cause more problems!
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