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halfdarkened ([personal profile] halfdarkened) wrote in [community profile] itsjustcambot2012-08-19 11:29 pm

18th Dawn

[Hey, what's this? There's some guy with his head against the food synthesizer this morning. Someone we haven't seen for a while, and in the morning of all times. His pants are the brightest purple ever, and to make things worse, one of the back pockets has a little rainbow heart on it. His sleeveless shirt is made up of orange and purple tiger stripes, and there's an old school, brightly colored slap bracelet on his left wrist. His hair is an utter mop right now, barely-combed.]

...I just want some bacon and eggs. That's ALL I want from you. [There's a bunch of candy and cake in the trashcan nearby...]

[He pushes the button again. Instead out comes a stack of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. He bangs his head against the food synthesizer once and grumbles.]

...At least it's breakfast food. [He settles for it and shuffles half-awake over to a table to eat. It's about then he realizes he's being watched.] Hey, Cam. Hey guys. I'm still here. I was sick for a while. Instead of spreading a disease around a small satellite, I figured you'd all appreciate it if I went ahead and quarantined myself. [An unethusiastic thumbs up.] You're welcome.

Actually. Namine? [He parts his bangs so its possible to see his eyes.] ...Thanks for the soup. [He smiles.] It helped.

By the way, has this week affected anyone else's sleep? [HE suddenly looks VERY sleepy.] I keep dreaming about animals that look like a rainbow sneezed on them. [Going...] And places I've never been before. [His head's drooping, and he seems to realize this because he props himself up with an arm. Going...] And like now I can't stay...

[Gone. Riku falls face-first into his pancakes, out cold. He'll be quite the sight when he finally lifts his head again. At least the pancakes are nice and soft and warm.]

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