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Fourth Hack

[Cambot turns on to Robin on the theatrical deck, looking serious even for him. When he's sure the Cambot is recording, he starts... making elaborate gestures? His hands are flying everywhere and his fingers are twisting into weird shapes and making gestures around his face and shoulder area- Oh wait he's signing. Apparently Cambot's supposed to be translating this because when Rob realizes that there's no subtitles going on, he gives Cambot a deadpan look (even through the shades) and points downward, moving his hand back and forth while spelling "s-u-b-t-i-t-l-e-s" out in signs with his other hand. Cambot gets the hint and flashes a word on the screen.]


[Rob nods and goes back to signing, speaking as well but obviously there's no sound coming out. It's for an aid to lip-reading (and kind of his own sanity).]

We have to do something about that dinosaur before it attacks anyone else or destroys the ship. I have some ideas about how to stop it. Anyone who wants to talk come to this deck A-S-A-P. It's small enough to get off the Nature Deck so we need to make plans before it decides to try it out.

[And he'll be waiting when whoever wants to gets there.]
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[Curious, Xion heads down to meet him.]
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[Xion waves back and comes over to see what he's working on. It looks like a trap, and while normally she doesn't like those, she'll make an exception in this case.

She does her best to use gestures to ask if she can help.]
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[Xion shakes her head in response to the question. His explanation had actually been clearer than the outlines of objectives for some missions.

She thinks for a moment, then gestures between herself and the places where he'd said people would need to be positioned high up. She's not afraid of heights, so maybe she could help there.]
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[Xion takes another look at how high everything is. If she could use high jump, she'd be able to make it, but she can't. With nothing else around to try to use as steps...She nods. A hand getting up would be much appreciated.]
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[Sora shows up pretty soon, too. After what the dino did to Big Mac, he wants to make sure they stop it as soon as possible.]
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[Sora looks around at the tools Robin had spread out once he arrives. He then looks back at him expectantly. How can he help?]
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[Sora watches the video carefully, and shakes his head no...he doesn't have any questions. He points to some of the ropes, indicating that he's willing to help with the tying down its limbs.]
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[Sora examines the rope and tests it out himself a few times. Knots is actually one of those rare things Sora does know a little something about...comes from living on an island and having a fisherman for a father. Sora nods...yes, he can make more of these.]
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[In the meanwhile, Sora gets to work on the ropes and starts tying up some more knots.]
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[Link's in. He'll just be meeting you there.]
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[When Link finds Robin, he just gives a quizzical look, the only way to really ask how he can help.]
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[Link's not so sure catching the dinosaur is the best idea, though as far as he knows, only three people or four people have had the sense to keep live weapons with them off the weapons deck. So it is possible that killing the animal isn't an option. At least not an easy one.

He doesn't have any questions about the plan and he indicates that he'll help with securing the dinosaur after the net and curtains are dropped on it. If anything, at least that puts him in a position to do something if they can't secure it. He will have his sword with him, after all.
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[Taking care of dinosaurs is something Squall is well used to. True, this one's not a T. Rexaur and he can't access his junctions either, but a dinosaur's a dinosaur and he's not leaving it to rampage.

So after a moment he shows up as well.]
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[A very bad idea, especially with this one being given free reign over the satellite. There aren't a lot of people here who are ready to deal with a dinosaur being a permanent addition. (He hopes it won't be, but better to prepare for the worst.)

He nods at Robin once he arrives. It's harder to talk in person than over the cambots right now, but he likes what he sees all the same. He just hopes the ropes will be strong enough.
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[Oh, now that's impressive. He hadn't thought about using the cambots that way, but he has a distinct feeling that it's something that works better for telling a lot of people one thing than it is trying to hold conversations. It's useful though, and he pays dutiful attention to the explanation. It's not quite how he'd do things, but it's not actually bad, considering what they do and don't have available to them.

Once the little presentation is done, he shakes his head. It makes perfect sense to him.]
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[Squall considers a moment, and then turns his attention to the ropes. He's not sure he wants to trust himself to the scaffolding, but knots are easy enough.]
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[Kotetsu's in and in serious mode.]
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[He holds up a piece of paper with a big, green question mark drawn in crayon.]
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[Kotetsu made a kicking motion. He could take charge of the theater rigging. He was good at breaking things, after all. ]
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[Kotetsu gives a thumbs up. He's totally got this.]
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[Well, seeing as her Cambot was wrecked, it took some time for Minako to receive this message, much less respond to it. She's a bit late doing so. And for some reason is out of breath and wearing a dirty Utah Jazz uniform.

Don't ask. She gives a thumbs up to indicate she'll be there.]
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[Liz is in serious mode after she 'heard' about 90s Kid. She's got her swords at the ready and on her way down there.]
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[And she managed to find a small dry erase board and a marker on her way down here, with a prewritten message when she arrives.]

So what's the plan?
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[Well, someone's prepared. She watches the video intently, starting to write her message on the board.]

I'll take point on its head. I'm not losing anyone else to that thing.

[She thinks a moment as she gives Robin enough time to read her message, then erases it and adds:]

Kind of a shame to tear the theater apart though.
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[Harvey's already looking a little roughed up after the Big Mac incident, but he's stony-faced and ready for more when he shows up. After what happened to the kid, it's quite literally the least he could do.]