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17th Dawn

[Cambot is moving down the way before it picks up a loud screech. It turns and heads into the cafeteria to reveal the shrill noise was from a chair being pushed along the tile. A certain someone has proceeded to use the chair to climb partially onto the counter top to reach the cupboards.

Riku grabs a glass and puts it near the edge of the counter before sliding down onto the chair. It seems he doesn't even notice Cambot there. He hops down from it and then proceeds to scoot the chair again. Now it's clear why he left the glass so close to the edge. It's easy for him to grab it again, and he climbs the chair to open up the freezer. It's not like he's an ice type. Riku has to get his own ice.

Glass now properly-chilled, he gets out the bottle of soda, which is within easy reach in the fridge. The chair becomes his counter as he pours his drink. He lightly kicks the door closed, places his glass on the floor, and slides the chair back to where it belongs.

Being nearly two feet shorter has many disadvantages.]
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[Kanji strolls in, carrying a large metal beam. He stops under the cupboards, catching the edge of the door with the beam and swinging it open. He spots a glass near the edge, nudging it off the edge with the beam. He catches it and taps the door shut.]

[Then he notices Riku.] S'up?
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Not a clue. Can't say it's completely my style, tho'.
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You know, if you needed ice, you could have just asked.

[ Wally would have been happy to help out his short friends! ]
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[At least you can still open the fridge to get a drink. Roxas has been either asking for help if someone's around or just hopping up on the counter and turning the faucet on in the sink if he doesn't feel like pestering someone.

Although... the reason he's on the counter now is that he's been batting a bottle cap around like a hockey puck for the past half hour out of boredom. There are two over turned cups next to the sink serving as his goal. His Cambot must be equally bored, as it's been watching him do this all along, though it isn't recording.

Roxas more or less ignores Riku when he comes in to get his soda.
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I dunno. Why, do you have an idea?

[Roxas doesn't take his attention off his bored activity as he speaks. He shoots the bottle cap at the goal, but it pings off one of the glasses and winds up on the floor.]