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16th Dawn (Slightly backdated)

[Cambot focuses on Riku, or rather, the back of his head. He looks pretty frazzled, actually, and he's sorting through a pile of stuff. ...Red stuff, specifically. It looks like he's pulling out a few crayons and a small stack of drawings and setting them to the side. He hears Cambot, and turns.]

...Oh. It's you.

[He pauses, looking rather ashamed, before giving a little shrug.]

Hey guys. I wasn't myself this week... I got everyone's stuff back from the Tom Servo deck. I'll be coming around to try to return everything. ...If you don't get it back, I might've forgotten who I took it from. I'll be in the cafeteria if I'm not returning stuff, if you need to get hold of me. Even if it means I'm here a while...
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[Sora is both amused and annoyed at this.]

Are my pockets in there?
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All right. [And he waits.]
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[Sora examines the pouches, then takes them back and gets to re-attaching them to his pants.]

So. What was up with your sudden fear of red?
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I don't know...it was just there all of a sudden.

And you didn't really answer my question.
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I do believe I'll be taking my dice back now.